Monday, December 28, 2015

Tiempo Pasa Muy Rapido

Hola Todos!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! Christmas this year was a little different for me, but it was awesome! It was crazy though because they treat it like the 4th of July! On Christmas Eve, there were so much fireworks! It was really Myrtle beach but times 100!! As far as you could see in every direction! They don't have any laws or restrictions about fireworks so they really go all out haha!

So here is how I spent my Christmas: I played basketball for 4 hours and talked to my family...probably the best Christmas I ever had haha..President switched our p-day to Christmas!

Something really caught my attention this past week when we had a Christmas devotional as a mission! It is the Primary song "He Sent His Son" I want to share a part of it.

"How could the Father tell the World of love and tenderness
 He Sent His son, a new born babe, with peace and holiness
 How could the Father Show the world the path that we should go
 He Sent His son to walk with man on Earth that we may know
 HOw could the FAther tell the world of sacrifice, of death?
 He Sent His son to die for us, and rise with living breath
 What does the Father ask of us?
To Live Like His Son"

This song hit me so hard, I really felt the lyrics, felt the words penetrate my heart..The Father sent His son for us, so that we may know all that we need to return back and live with Him again. He sent His son to walk what we walk, to go through everything that we will ever go through..personally for every person on Earth. And what does He ask? Live as Jesus did..strive to live His Gospel, so that we may be the sons and daughters that we came to the Earth to be!

A day in my life will never go by without me giving thanks to my Father for sending His only begotten son, to die for us so we may be eternally happy..and receive the fulness of the bendiciones that He is so willing and ready to give us. 

As His representative, I testify of Him...and of His atoning sacrifice for every single person that has, is, or will be on this Earth! And I know that He is there with open arms to help us, and He loves us unconditionally! I think about it this way..I know my parents love me more than anyone possibly could, and our Father in Heaven and His son love us even more than that! 

I love you all and am so thankful for every one of you. You all help me so much..and the little things go a long way!!

Les Amo mucho!!

Elder Yeoman

Rio de Plata and the city of Buenos Aires in the background!
Elder Yeoman and Elder Kelly

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