Monday, July 25, 2016

A Year Already???

Hello Everyone! Hope everyone had a nice hot summer week! My week was pretty cold, but it's really not as cold as everyone told me it would be.. I guess because I am used to humidity! 

So this past week was a difficult one, and I am now companions here in Derqui with Elder Avalos, my trainer. It's been pretty fun being with him again because I can actually understand everything he is saying, and now I know better that he is the man. Haha!

So, I wanted to start off with a story from the week..It's the number one play on the sportscenter top 10 haha! Since there are just two of us in Derqui now, we are working in 2 areas and just running around all over the place. Elder Avalos was teaching this family and we went to go get them to come to church with us Sunday. When we got there, the dad came out and said they didn't have clean pants to go to church. They were all covered in mud. He said that they really wanted to go but couldn't for that reason. So, Elder Avalos said "Elder Yeoman, I've got an idea!" We went to a nearby house of another less active member and asked them for 2 pairs of pants to give to the investigators so they could come to church..We got them and then ran back to their house to give them to them. At this point I was pumped, and Elder Avalos was the man for having that idea. We got to the house and they weren't answering the door, so we left to get to sacrament on time. Then out of the corner of my eye, I saw him come out of the house and yelled at Elder Avalos to turn around. We went back and gave him the pants and they all came to church...CLUTCH!! Thats my best story for getting investigators to church! 

Well, we are now just trying to get used to working in 2 areas and trying to make it work, but it is going pretty well! 

I'll have more to say next week but thats all I have time for! I love you all, and hope you all have an awesome week!! 

The gospel is true, and we all have hope through the atonement of Christ, if only we utilize it by doing the things the Lord has commanded of us, which are nothing compared to all He has done for us!!

Elder Yeoman

Elder Yeoman and Elder Avalos with one of the young
men from church.
Selfie for my Mom!
The food in Argentina is Amazing!
Bananas with Dulce de Leche!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Incredible Week!

Well this week was just incredible! It is very true how the Lord magnifies those He calls because I felt more than ever carried by Him this week, and all week long! It was very humbling and awesome to be a part of! This week we were able to find a lot of new investigators including a family that the husband had died about 3 weeks ago from using drugs, and they are absolutely amazing! They really have great desire and were begging us to come back, which isn't the most normal thing that I am used to, haha!

My new companion, straight from the MTC, is Elder Hazelgren from Virginia..yup 2 southern boys walking the streets of Buenos Aires haha! It's awesome! He went to BYU before the mission and he is pretty funny!! He has a great attitude and is ready to work hard!

So I have been studying a lot about the Atonement..and I saw a quote that just made me think a ton that I want to share. It is talking about when we struggle with trials and difficulties, and we have a bad attitude about it, but it says:

"But is this really as bad as it seems? What if we knew that someone paid in advance for all these difficulties? What if, in turning us toward Heaven because we have nowhere else to go, our difficulties actually point the path to the salvation and exaltation we came to earth seeking in the first place? It's a different perspective, isnt it?"

Wow this is just incredible and so true. Imagine if we could think like that, how different we would feel all the time? Because that is exactly how the Savior wants us to feel! We are here to progress towards Salvation and our difficulties and trials are what point us to the direction that we need to be in to reach this goal that we have!

I know that this is true without a doubt, because I know that the biggest reason I am who I am is because of the difficulties and trials I have faced this past year. I may never be perfect. I may not be the best teacher, but I love my Savior, and I try really hard. And at the end of the day, I can enjoy this process! I know that my Savior lives and loves us all! Through him, we will be successful! 

I Love you all!!

Elder Yeoman
Elder Hazelgren (new comp), Elder Stafford and Elder Moura
Welcome Cake for Elder Hazelgren at a church member's home

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Transfers and Training

Hi Everyone, (This is Alana)
Today was transfer day for Elder Yeoman and he was very short on time. He is doing GREAT and wanted me to let you know that he is sorry that he didn’t have time for a general email this week, but will have more time for an update next week. He is super excited that they had 9 new missionaries coming in to the mission today since there have been very few new missionaries called to the Buenos Aires North Mission at all this past year! Elder Yeoman will be training one of the new elders and was very excited to find out who his new “hijo” would be later today. Elder Yeoman said that all nine of the trainers were going to be hiding when the new missionaries walked in and then they planned to all come into the room as they sing “Llamados a Sevir” (Called to Serve).  That gives me chills to imagine.  I wish I could have been there to witness it. Elder Yeoman was also super excited that he will be staying in Derqui to train. He loves the ward members so much. Although, they will be moving to a pension that is in better condition on August 1st.

Elder Yeoman with some of the other elders who have served in Derqui
(this morning at transfers)

Elder Saez all packed up and ready for transfers! Elder Yeoman will miss him.
(Not sure why the room looks like a tornado went through) 
Elder Kelly finished his mission and went home today! Elder Yeoman says that
he is one of his best friends in the world! They look forward to hanging out
together at BYU next year!
Hermana Majorana sent me this picture of the Derqui Elders with her husband and son.
Hermana Molina sent me this picture taken at her home on Sunday.

Monday, July 4, 2016


Happy 4th of July, Everyone!! 

I'm sorry but I don't have any time today! I hope you all are doing well and have an awesome 4th! 

Next week we have transfers, so I will be emailing on Tuesday!

If anyone feels burdened, down, or bad in any way...STOP! Jesus Christ already suffered for that, you don't have to! The church is true!

I love you all! 

Elder Yeoman

Elder Kelly and Elder Yeoman 
Elder Hendricks was in my district at the MTC!
When you are soaked and muddy from the rain.....
sometimes you have to wear pink flip flops!
Elder Yeoman and companion Elder Saez
soaked and muddy from the rain!