Monday, December 7, 2015

Time is Flying!!

Hello Everyone!!

Hope everyone is having fun in the cold haha! Its starting to get pretty hot here, I step outside and start sweating haha, but its all good :).

So this week, Elder Kelly and I were working hard to find people to teach, and we were talking to a bunch of people but we really weren't getting any interest! We were contacting member references, working through members in everything, but nobody was showing interest. So we got to Saturday night and we didn't have anybody to come to church with us, so we were kind of bummed about that. There was someone that came up to talk to Elder Avalos and I a few weeks before, and we talked to him a little bit and invited him to church. We invite about 1000 people to church everyday, so honestly I didn't think anything about it. But then he came to church that Sunday. So we talked to him after church (a week ago) and he told us that he has a super busy work schedule and he got lucky to get off that week. He said he didn't know if he would be able to come again. So I thought to myself that he wouldn't progress if he doesn't come to church so I kind of just shut that thought out of my mind for the rest of the week. 

Luego, we get a call this past Saturday night..and it was him!! He called us and told us that he wanted to go to church. So we told him that we would pick him up for church Sunday. He came with us, and it was actually Stake Conference, and a member of the Seventy came because our stake president got released! So the meeting was super spiritual, and we committed him to baptism next week! 

This is the Lord's work, and it strengthened my testimony so much and helped me to realize that we just need to work hard. We need to always do everything we can to cumplir with what is being asked of us. And I know that if we can do that, we are entitled to endless blessings, miracles, and help from the Lord! In some of my hardest days on the mission, there is always something there pushing me and helping me along. 

I know that sometimes things are tough. Everyone has trials. Everyone has difficulties. If I could give any advice, among the many things I have learned in the past 5 months..TRUST THE LORD! Someone who has given us everything and paid the price of every sin of every person, only wants our best and our trust. And I promise that if we are doing our best to follow Him, and we put all our trust in Him, He will provide!

Turn that doubt into trust, and seguir adelante!

I love you all!!  (And I have received confirmation that ya'll still can't guard me ;) Haha!

Elder Yeoman

 (Jace is clearly forgetting some english words as he types his emails. I usually edit them, but just decided to leave the spanish words in there this week!)
Pday Fun with the whole zone today!!

Elder Yeoman and Elder Kelly's weekly selfie!!

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