Monday, January 4, 2016

Feliz Año!!!

Hope you all had a great New Years..2016!! This is the year that every single day will be given to the Lord! The only full year that I will have that opportunity in my life! With that, I know that there needs to be growth every single day! 

So, New Years here is pretty crazy! We had to go to the pension early because it is super dangerous! You guys should have seen these fireworks!! It was insane!!! It's like 100 times crazier than Myrtle Beach! There are no laws and they are super cheap! This past week, my companion and I couldn't sleep very well because it is really hot in our we fasted and prayed about what to do (well, we really didn't do that but we had an idea haha!) We made a homeade air conditioner! I will attach the picture. It saved our lives! Well, that is pretty much New Years in Argentina...then on actual New Years day we left our pension and there was NOBODY outside..not even dogs! Keep in mind that I am in Buenos Aires...and there was not 1 person outside! We went to our first visit..and they were asleep. This happened a couple more times until finally someone was home haha! My companion had warned me about that but I didn't really believe him! Argentines are very serious about their siestas!

This week was pretty slow, but we are still working with Wilson and Jesse! They are a young couple, the brother and sister in law of Antony, who we just baptized a few weeks back! We took out a turno for them to be married!! So they are progressing towards baptism! They are awesome and I love them a ton, but I have a feeling that I won't be here for their wedding and baptism :(. Transfers are next week and I've been here in Parque Patricios for 3 transfers already..but I'm hoping that I will be able to stay! But if the Lord needs me somewhere else, that is okay too :).

This year, I assume that you all have made metas for 2016!! As a full time missionary, I am really blessed to be able to make metas all spiritual..knowing that the Lord is going to teach me more this year than any other year of my life! I hope that along with your temporal goals, you guys have set aside some spiritual goals as well! I want to extend a challenge that President Ayre has given us! Start the Libro de Mormon over again and finish it before General Conference (My Birthday) in April! It is only 7 pages a day, you guys can do it! And I promise that you all will receive answers to any questions that you have! I have really enjoyed this challenge so far, and I know without a doubt that the Book of Mormon, along with the Bible, is the word of God, and that it testifies of the Savior, a witness of the reality of our Savior! 

Along with this, I want you all to make sure that you are praying every day! It is a commandment to pray and to read, and I would hope that all of you could make that a goal as well! I promise that Heavenly Father desires our communication, and that is through prayer! As a missionary, I have really come to understand the importance of prayer. It is literally having a conversation with Heavenly Father Tell Him what you need and exactly how you feel! He already knows.  It will help you to tell Him! 

I love you all and am very thankful for all of you! Remember all that the Savior has done for you and your families! 

Elder Yeoman

My mom asked for a picture while I was emailing her today!
Our homemade air conditioner! It really works!!!
Fireworks over the city on New Years Eve. We took this picture from the roof of our building!

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