Monday, November 23, 2015

La Mas Loca Semana en mi Vida


Hope everyone is doing great! Im sorry but I literally have no time to write today, because we had a huge asado as a zone! But this week was insane haha. I think I went on exchanges 3 times because everyone was having trouble with baptismal interviews, but I dont have time to tell you guys about it. It was a really fun and tiring week though, and we had a baptism so that was great! Just know I love you guys a ton and I will have more time next week!

The church is true, and Christ lives and loves each and every one of you!! 

Elder Yeoman

It was a short and sweet email this week, but Jace is doing great! They had a zone asada  (a barbecue) and it took up most of his p-day today!  I also got a few pictures and a video of him from members in his ward this week!  I love technology!! It is such a tender mercy to receive unexpected pictures and sweet messages from the wonderful people in Argentina! They truly love Elder Yeoman and say that he is an “angel” to them in the Parque Patricios ward family! They also tell me that they love his humor! :-)  
Chacabuco Zone Pday Barbecue
Elder Yeoman, Elder Avalos,  Elder ?,  Elder Bonafacio and Elder Daynes

Baptism this week!

I received these pictures on Saturday from Juan Carlos in Elder Yeoman's ward. This picture is a selfie taken with the young men in the Parque Patricios ward. 

They love Inca Cola.... a very yummy Peruvian soda

Monday, November 16, 2015

Buscar Por Milagros


Hope you all had a great week! Its kind of weird that its like 200 degrees in the middle of November, going to have to get used to that haha! 

So, this past week was super crazy so I dont have a whole bunch to say haha..I went on divisions twice and had to go to San Fernando to do my visa stuff, and we got to go to the TEMPLE!! It was super crazy, because we were walking back to our pension Thursday night and we got a text that said "Your session for the temple tomorrow is at 7 am and you need to be here by 6." We had no idea we were going to the temple, so it was a very nice surprise. We had to wake up at 3:30 though, but it was worth it and amazing :). 

So this week, our baptisms were postponed, but they will be held this Saturday! We found a couple more possibilities this week also, so looking forward to working with them! 

President asked us to study Ether 12, so I want to talk a little about that. This chapter is all about Faith, and is something that as a mission we are striving to work on and increase every day. Studying this chapter really made me realize that the Lord is preparing many things for us, many miracles, but it is according to our faith! If we truly believe that we are going to go out and find someone to teach that is ready to hear the Gospel, its going to happen! So one thing that we do as a district is every night we have a conference call and one part is the miracle for the day. Every day, we have to find a miracle! Some days, they are small, but the important thing is that we have the faith to have miracles, and that we are looking!

So this week, I challenge you all to look for a miracle every day, and thank the Lord for it! I promise that as you do this, your faith will increase and you will feel His hand in your lives even more!

I love you all and hope you all have an awesome week!

Elder Yeoman

Weekly selfie because he knows his mama needs to see his sweet face!

Jace forgot to bring his camera to the Buenos Aires Temple on Friday. I added this picture myself. Another elder took pictures and will email them to Jace.  Hopefully he can send them next week. 

Monday, November 9, 2015


Hola Familia y Amigos,

Hope you all had an awesome week! This week was really special for me because I had the first baptism of my mission so far, and I got to perform it so that was pretty special as well! It is really hard to explain the feelings of that....knowing that I got to be a part of the Lord, through His Gospel, changing the life of someone. Directly after the baptism, I could see, with tears in her eyes that she without a doubt knew how important this step was for her. It is really incredible what this Gospel can do for people, and I am very blessed to be a witness of it all!

We didn't really have a whole bunch of luck finding people this week, but we were kind of caught up in teaching our other investigators (that is an okay trade off with me ;). But, our other investigators are progressing well, and there should be another baptism on Saturday! 

During my studies throughout the week, a couple things stood out to me that I would like to share. One, as missionaries we always talk about what our purpose is and what our objective is....but what is the objective of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, put simply? The Gospel of Jesus Christ, put simply, enables us to be purified and cleansed from sin through the Atonement, so that we may receive the greatest gift of all, Eternal Life. As missionaries, we invite other people to repent, allowing them to have the opportunity and make the decision to be purified and cleansed from all their sins, so that they may know true happiness. This reminded me of a talk I heard in the MTC. I cannot remember who gave it. However, he said that there is a very simple reason  that people don't accept the Gospel when we teach it. They simply don't understand what the Lord is giving them.  If we taught in a way so that they truly understood the opportunity that the Lord is giving them, they would want the Gospel in their lives.

I know that this Gospel is true, and the only way. I know that by living these simple principles, we are promised Eternal life, a promise that is greater than all! I know that Jesus Christ lives and loves every single one of us.  I know that every single time a soul is brought to repentance, He weeps! Because He knows that His Atonement, His sacrifice, His work and His Glory, was exercised. 

Te Amo Mucho!! 

Ponderize- Alma 33:23

Elder Yeoman

Elder Yeoman's first Baptism on Saturday 11/7/15

Elder Yeoman and Elder Avalos at the baptism on Saturday

Lots of happy missionaries in The Chacabuco Zone!
(Elder Yeoman in center of back row)

Apparently, Elder Yeoman is the tallest person around that can help reach things up high!! ;-)

Monday, November 2, 2015

Semana 8 in Argentina

Hola Everyone!! Hope you all had an awesome week!

This week again was full of miracles.  It is always amazing to see the hand of the Lord in every aspect of this work! So we had a meeting as a whole mission this past week jueves (Wednesday). The President of the 70 in our area came to talk to us. He and President Ayre talked about our goal as a mission, 1600 baptisms this year..and how we have to work harder than ever to reach this goal, because we are still missing around 500. 

They talked to us about faith..and this is what I got from it.  The Lord, through His representatives has given us this goal, and with all things that come from the Lord we also have been provided a way to accomplish these things. It is now up to us, up to our faith, our diligence, our work that we can accomplish the goal that the Lord has set for us. Reading in the Book of Mormon, I have realized that literally nothing has come to pass without someone not only having faith, but exercising it. That is why we have the Book of Mormon, that is why we have the plenitude of the Gospel in our lives..because of faith!

There is a reason why it is the first teaching of Jesus Christ, because without faith, we cannot progress. Another thing that I really liked about that meeting was these 2 questions:

Do you believe in Jesus Christ?

What do you believe in Jesus Christ?

I think the majority of the world can say that they believe in Jesus Christ, but what about the second question? I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior, and His Gospel is the ONLY way. What we believe in Jesus Christ is what leads us to act, leads us to repent, leads us to exercise our beliefs.

This work is incredible and I am so humbled to be a part of it. A scripture I love has come to my mind a lot this is in D&C 31:13

Sé fiel hasta el fin y, he aquí, estoy contigo. Estas palabras no son de hombre ni de hombres, sino mías, sí, de Jesucristo, tu Redentor, por la voluntad del Padre. Amén.

Sorry, I can't copy and paste in English.  You guys can figure it out haha! But it is so true, when we are faithful, commited to following the example of Jesus Christ, always exercising our faith, He will ALWAYS be with us. That is a grand promise that I want in my life, and I know you all do to. 

Les amo mucho!

Elder Yeoman

I think the only time Elder Yeoman has pictures taken is when he is eating! I am so grateful for the wonderful church members in Argentina who send me these pictures. :-)

Elder Yeoman eating pizza with ward members. 

Yes, there is a McDonalds in Buenos Aires!

The Ice Cream Sword!!! This picture was taken before it dripped down Elder Yeoman's tie and onto his pants!

Elder Yeoman and his companion, Elder Avalos