Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Se Fueron las doce Semanas


Hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving, even though it wasnt nearly as good without me...but still hope it was awesome!! And I hope ya'll ate an extra plate for me ;)

Well, I am done training!! So now I'm a normal missionary haha! I'm pretty excited about being able to work in the mornings now too! Elder Avalos left, which I'm pretty sad about! I learned a lot from him and I will definitely miss him. My new companion is Elder Kelly from Las Vegas. Here is the funny part. He trained Elder Ayres (My companion in the MTC)! He is awesome and I know we will have a lot of success together..and work super hard! Also, he is a huge college basketball fan..like huge!! Just a side note ;)

Now I will be leading the area for a few weeks until Elder Kelly gets used to it! So Im a little nervous about that, but the Lord will help me through it all, and lead us to where we need to be! Richard, who was baptized 2 weeks ago is now preparing to serve a mission..and comes out with us to help teach a lot! I'm so extremely happy for him and just thinking back on how much of a miracle it was that we even found him, I can really testify that this is the Lords work! There are miracles all around! 

Something that Presidente Ayre told us in a mission conference this past week is that our faith can soften hearts and help prepare them to hear the Gospel! This really hit me..that the faith that we have can prepare the hearts of others so that they are ready to recieve the truth. Faith is something that I study a lot as a missionary, and it is so true. If we have faith, we have hope..and if we have faith and hope..it leads to charity! And that Charity is what can realmente change the hearts of those around us! 

I am so incredibly blessed to be a part of the Work and Glory of the Lord, and I glory in Him..and testify that it is only through Him and His Gospel that we can be saved. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior..and that through Him, everything is possible. 

Any struggle, hardship, trial you all are going through..just dont worry about it, it will all work out, because the Savior is ALWAYS with us!

I love you all!! Hope you all have an awesome week!

Elder Yeoman

Saying goodbye to Elder Avalos  
Elder Yeoman with his new companion, Elder Kelly
Elder Yeoman was excited to see his MTC companion again, Elder Ayres 
Another Chacabuco Zone picture

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