Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Boulogne Week 3

Hope you all had an awesome week! 

This week was really good! I have really been focusing lately on every week being a week of progress! Because, if we aren't progressing we are falling back..going backwards! We are on this Earth to progress...to become like Jesus Christ. This progression is not easy, and requires a lot of work..but what the Lord wants is that we are making progress every single day! 

So my companion and I got a call this week that the office elders needed our help in the office with sending referencias..so we have been working in the office a little bit haha..not really sure why but it has been fun! We have to go again tomorrow and I think that will be the last time! I also had the opportunity to perform a confirmacion! That was really special, and it was the first time I had done it on my mission! Other than that, my week has been pretty normal! Filled with work and finding! We were able to put one date this week. His name is Nicolas and he is 17 years old. He is an awesome kid but has a ton of questions! We have worked with him to help him to realize that it is okay to have questions, but the biggest question is if this church is the Church of Jesus Christ. The basis of a testimony is really one of the most powerful things in conversion and also in taking away doubts and answering questions. That is why as missionaries we teach the importance of reading and praying..and asking the Lord if these things are true! 

As members of the church, we also need to constantly increase our testimony! One of the most important gifts we have is our testimony..but it has to be strengthened! We have been reading the Libro de Mormon as a mission 7 pages a day so we can get done before conference and I can say with all of my heart that the Book of Mormon is how you can really develop a testimony of the Church and of the Savior! As a missionary I have really come to value all that we have in the church, all of the opportunities to be better, to improve, to increase our vision...and the Book of Mormon is 600 pages of testimony of Christ! What a blessing we have to truly come to know exactly how Christ was, and His example through the Book of Mormon! 

As we look to strengthen our testimony and apply what we learn, we can see this everyday progression that the Lord is looking for! I have seen that change in my life and hope the same for everyone! I love you all and hope you all have a great week! 

Elder Yeoman

This is Elder Yeoman sending his mother a selfie while emailing today because he knows she needs to see his face!

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