Monday, February 29, 2016

Al infinito y mas allá!!!!!!

Buen Día!!!!! 

I hope everyone had a great week!

This past week we had the opportunity to hear from Elder Bednar! It was incredible! The first thing I felt was his presence when he walked into the chapel.  Wow, you can easily know and feel that he is an apostle of the Lord! He talked to us a lot about Faith, and the importance of acting and not being acted upon! Unlike objects, we as humans have the ability to act, not to just be acted upon. The same is with faith. We can choose to act, or we can wait to be acted upon. I don't have my notes with me right now, but it was really good!!! 

I thought my companion was going to die this week, but he feels better now. He couldn't walk, talk, eat, or it was a tough week for him. Luckily, he is better now and we will be able to kill it this next week! 

I have really been thinking about trust in the Lord this past week, and always being prepared! I have been reading in Alma, about Capitán Moroni and also about Helaman and his army of 2000 jovenes. First, Captain Moroni was always prepared, in every aspect he was prepared! The Lamanites might have been stronger and had greater numbers, but Moroni and the Nephites were always prepared. Today, we may not be fighting an actual war, but we are in a constant war spiritually. I learned a lot this week about the importance of spiritual preparation, so that when things come, when we are tempted, we are fortified and do not fall. The stripling warriors were an army of 2000 jovenes..and they were going into battle against the Lamanites as well. Sometimes I feel the same. I'm an 18 year old kid (almost 19 April 2nd, don't forget ;) ) and I'm teaching and helping people that are a lot older than me.. Why were the stripling warriors successful? Because they trusted 100% in the Lord! That goes for us all. As we trust in the Lord, He will free us from our problems and trials.

I know that the Lord lives, that He knows us perfectly, that if we apply His teachings and His gospel in our lives we will be able to have more happiness than we can imagine! I love you guys a ton!

Elder Yeoman

Personalized leather scripture cover I had made! (Front)

Back of scripture cover

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