Monday, October 26, 2015

Semana 7 in Argentina

This week was full of miracles! We started off this week like fire and with a hunger to find people ready for baptism, and it really paid off. The Lord blesses those who have faith, are diligent, and obedient! 

So this week, we commited 4 people to a baptismal date, and they all came to church Sunday! They are all a bunch of capos! (I asked Jace about this term and he said capo means  "the boss”, which is a slang term used in Argentina. In other words, they are super great guys!!) On the way walking to church Sunday, one of them asked me "Elder Yeoman, if I am baptized and take the sacrament and remember the Savior and repentance, am I clean again?" I was shocked because we haven't taught him about the Sacrament yet, or the importance of it..but I was like YES!!! YES THAT IS EXACTLY RIGHT! It was awesome!  I really feel good about these investigators progressing and entering the waters of baptism! I can tell that they really want to follow their Savior, and there is no better way to do that than by following His Gospel.

3 of the 4 are brothers, and they were a reference from a less active family (that is key), members help so much! The other one, Richard, was just a random contact we felt that we needed to talk to on the street. I know that Heavenly Father knows our plans for the day, and every single day puts someone in our path that we need to talk to. It is up to us to be able to find that person! 

Yesterday was the election in Argentina, so we werent allowed to proselyte! This was weird..we couldn't go out and work haha..I didnt know what to do with myself. But, we had lunch with the Bishop and his family..and his wife is an incredible cook (the reason I've gained 25 pounds) we ate for like 3 hours.

Every answer to every problem we can have is in the scriptures. I can't even describe all the times I  have received answers directly from the scriptures...for my investigators or for me. I testify that Heavenly Father knows us personally, that He knows everything we need in every single situation, and that if we put our trust in Him and exercise our faith, we will receive answers!

I love you all and hope you all have an awesome week! I feel your love and prayers every day! This is the Lords work, and I am blessed to be His representative! And as His representative I testify that He lives, and He loves every single one of you. A way is prepared for everyone! 

Ponderize for the week: 2 Nephi 25:26

Elder Yeoman

Elder Yeoman and Elder Avalos with the Bishop and his family in Parque Patricios

Night time view of the Beautiful city of Buenos Aires

Weekly Photo in Elder Yeoman's Apartment :-)

Sunday Tacos with members from Parque Patricios

Lunch with the Bishop and Family

They seem to ALWAYS be eating!! Elder Yeoman says the food is AMAZING!!
I love this picture!!! Hermana Casariego fed him something spicy!!

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