Monday, October 5, 2015

One Month in the 'Tina!!

Wow, its already Monday again..and I've been here a month! I hope everyone is doing well and had the opportunity to listen to every single second of conference, because it was AMAZING! So, the first session I watched in Spanish, so I didnt get as much out of it as the other sessions, but it was still good! Something interesting I thought of though about watching in Spanish- Yeah I know generally what they are saying, but not all of it so what I do know along with what the Spirit is telling me makes up the difference. So I dont know if that makes sense, but it does to me haha. But all the other sessions I was able to watch in English, so instead of telling you all about my week, I am going to focus on some thoughts and impressions from Conference.

1) To serve at the capacity the Lord needs us to serve, we have to see His children through His eyes. This is charity, and if we have not charity, we are nothing. I know that charity is something that does not come easy, after all it is the pure love of Christ. However, it is essential! In all that we do, we must have charity! This is something I am praying for ever day!

2) "Elder Yeoman, stop serving your mission and start serving His" - This one hit me hard, I need to stop looking at fixing my problems and my trials and difficulties, and look to only fixing and healing the problems of those I serve. I am here to serve my Lord, and that means that I need to do it His way.

3) I wasn't called for the things I have done or didn't do, but rather because of the things I will do through Him! I love this! Heavenly Father knew exactly what He was getting when He called me to this mission, someone far from perfect, but someone maybe He can work with! Well I can testify to all of you that if we are able to submit to His will, we can become who He wants us to be...which is the only way we can reach our full potential!

4) The path of happiness is through families and a Mother's love has to be divine. Well, I have the best family in the world and I know without a doubt that we will be together for eternity. I also know that without families, we could never have the joy and happiness that was intended for us! I love my family so much, and the Gospel is the reason for our happiness! Also, I know that a Mother's love is divine, and that if anyone can love me or come as close to loving me as much as the Savior, through all my faults, it is my mother! I love my parents so much, and know that they were given to me so I can have a taste for just how much my Heavenly Father and Savior love me. Also, a part that stuck out to me with that is Elder Holland said "In temptation, behold your mother." Wow, that is extremely powerful, because I would never want to hurt my Mother. I know you all feel the same, so when faced with temptation, behold your Mothers!

5) Always put your trust in the Lord. This has been one thing that I am really building a strong faith and testimony of and know that this is the only way we can make it through mortality. There are days where I don't have any idea how I am going to make it to the next, but there is always something that happens, something little even, that gives me the comfort and strength I need to carry on! That is the strength, power, and love of the Lord!

6) Doubt and faith cannot exist together- This is so true! On a mission, it is easy to doubt, easy to feel that you aren't good enough, easy to feel that things are too hard! But I can promise, it is so much easier to have faith and show it in all that you do, because when we can do this, we cannot be brought down!

7) Ponderize- I loved this haha! I am currently ponderizing 2 Nephi 31:20, I hope that you all choose to do this, and maybe sometimes ponderize the same verse as me!

8) Ultimately, Christ is our judge. This should bring us all so much joy and comfort. Our redeemer, our Savior, the one who endured it all, who took upon Him every sin, trial, hardship every single person has in this life, who has infinite mercy, is our judge. He taught very simple, but pòwerful doctrine. Doctrine that comes straight from the Father. Exercise faith, repent, be baptized, receieve the Holy Ghost, and endure to the end! I testify that it is only through these simple, yet sometimes hard to comprehend, doctrines that we will be received into Heaven.

I can't explain enough or even begin to try and get you all to think how much the Savior and His atonement mean to me, and how grateful I am to have the fullness of the Gospel in my life! WE all know how blessed we are, so next time you think "I can't do it," Think of someone who really can't, because they have no knowledge of these truths, and go heal them.

I love you all and so does the Savior. Never let go of the Iron rod, and do everything in your power to live the simple doctrines and truths of the Gospel! 

Elder Yeoman

In Elder Yeoman's email to me, he said that he loves the food in Argentina so much that he has gained 20 pounds already!!! I am just thrilled that he isn't losing weight!! 
Hard Rock Cafe Lunch during pday today with Elder Avalos, Elder Daynes and Elder Edmonds

Elder Yeoman with his companion, Elder Avalos
Selfie while studying
I forgot to post this from Chacabuco Zone Conference a couple of weeks ago. 

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