Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Semana 6 in Argentina!

Hola Todos!

Wow! This week was so eye opening and crazy! I don't accurately know how to describe it in words!  I want to start off by saying thank you to you all for all the support, experiences, and love you share with me! Without such amazing family and friends, this would be so much more difficult. Never think that your email doesn't mean much to me, because every single one does! However, sometimes it gets crazy busy and I am not able to write as much as I would like to you all. So today was translates (transfers)! Luckily, my companion and I are staying in our area! I am really happy about that! He is getting down about things because this will make it 6 months that he has been here, and no baptisms. This area is tough, but I know that we are here for a reason, and I assured him that we will find that reason and we will have baptisms..SOON! The Lord wants to see our faith, love, and determination! And that is exactly what we will give Him! 

I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve these wonderful people. I also made a promise that an English word will not come out of my mouth this transfer.  It will be tough, but I know that it is what I need. I have already felt like my Spanish has really come along, and I know it is only because I am changing my attitude, and putting more trust in the Lord.

Now, for the part of my week that blew my emotions out of the water. I had the opportunity to go to the departure devotional for the missionaries who are going home this transfer.  My companion wanted to see one of his former companions and we got permission to go. So, these things are huge in our mission.  The missionaries get to invite all their converts, all the members in their wards that they grew to love, total! So, me being new, I didnt know anyone outside of my zone. I got to hear the testimonies of Elders and Sisters leaving. One of them really stuck out to me. His name is Elder Da Silva, and he was an assistant who left today. But something really hit me. He was absolutely distraught and could not fathom the thought of having to leave Argentina. I saw him talk to all these people whose lives were changed because of him, along with a bunch of other missionaries. People came from all over to see these missionaries who changed their lives forever. It finally hit me! Things finally clicked. That is who I want to be! 

I want to be the missionary that never wants to leave..that my biggest fear in the world is one day that this will be over, and I won't be a missionary anymore. I want to change lives, bring people into the fold, into happiness that they would have never otherwise dreamed of! That is why I am here, and that is the joy of the Gospel! 

Let us all take a moment and realize just what we have..the promises and blessings from having the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. Things get hard, but I promise that if we never let go of our faith, we will always be happy! 

I love you all, and hope you all have a great week! I know my Savior, Jesus Christ lives, and is there with us through everything, every step of the way! 

Elder Jace Yeoman

Jace sent this picture to me as a joke.  He has always laughed that missionaries seem to always be giving a "thumbs up" in pictures.  Before he left for his mission, he vowed to never take the typical missionary picture with a "thumbs up" pose!
(He said he would always hold up his infamous "3-point" sign as in the above picture!)

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