Monday, November 2, 2015

Semana 8 in Argentina

Hola Everyone!! Hope you all had an awesome week!

This week again was full of miracles.  It is always amazing to see the hand of the Lord in every aspect of this work! So we had a meeting as a whole mission this past week jueves (Wednesday). The President of the 70 in our area came to talk to us. He and President Ayre talked about our goal as a mission, 1600 baptisms this year..and how we have to work harder than ever to reach this goal, because we are still missing around 500. 

They talked to us about faith..and this is what I got from it.  The Lord, through His representatives has given us this goal, and with all things that come from the Lord we also have been provided a way to accomplish these things. It is now up to us, up to our faith, our diligence, our work that we can accomplish the goal that the Lord has set for us. Reading in the Book of Mormon, I have realized that literally nothing has come to pass without someone not only having faith, but exercising it. That is why we have the Book of Mormon, that is why we have the plenitude of the Gospel in our lives..because of faith!

There is a reason why it is the first teaching of Jesus Christ, because without faith, we cannot progress. Another thing that I really liked about that meeting was these 2 questions:

Do you believe in Jesus Christ?

What do you believe in Jesus Christ?

I think the majority of the world can say that they believe in Jesus Christ, but what about the second question? I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior, and His Gospel is the ONLY way. What we believe in Jesus Christ is what leads us to act, leads us to repent, leads us to exercise our beliefs.

This work is incredible and I am so humbled to be a part of it. A scripture I love has come to my mind a lot this is in D&C 31:13

Sé fiel hasta el fin y, he aquí, estoy contigo. Estas palabras no son de hombre ni de hombres, sino mías, sí, de Jesucristo, tu Redentor, por la voluntad del Padre. Amén.

Sorry, I can't copy and paste in English.  You guys can figure it out haha! But it is so true, when we are faithful, commited to following the example of Jesus Christ, always exercising our faith, He will ALWAYS be with us. That is a grand promise that I want in my life, and I know you all do to. 

Les amo mucho!

Elder Yeoman

I think the only time Elder Yeoman has pictures taken is when he is eating! I am so grateful for the wonderful church members in Argentina who send me these pictures. :-)

Elder Yeoman eating pizza with ward members. 

Yes, there is a McDonalds in Buenos Aires!

The Ice Cream Sword!!! This picture was taken before it dripped down Elder Yeoman's tie and onto his pants!

Elder Yeoman and his companion, Elder Avalos 

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