Monday, April 3, 2017

Conference and Birthday!

Hello Everyone!
First off, thank you to everyone for wishing me a happy birthday. It was an incredible one and I am so grateful for all of your love and support! I can't believe I am 20 already, and how fast the time goes... but hey, that's out of my control!

I do not have much more time, but I just wanted to share a few thoughts I had this past weekend. The first being how incredibly blessed we are to be able to hear from the prophet and apostles of God. Who I know are called of Him and recieve direct revelation to guide us in our day, through our trials and hardships, and who truly love us and look for the revelation of the Lord in all things.

One thing that stood out to me was this quote, by Elder Holland that says "Come as you are, but don't plan to stay as you are." This made me think a lot about the past 20 months of my life, and how much this period of time has truly changed me...not just my behavior, but my nature and my heart. I was called to represent my Savior 2 years ago, but I know He never intended on me being the same person now that I was back then. And I am so grateful for the person He has made me into, because Christ can make us into so much more than we could ever make of ourselves, if only we follow Him and strive to be His disciples!

I loved the quote that was repeated about 5 times that says "Don't worry, all things will work together for your good if you stand uprightly and follow Christ." It is that simple! As we strive to follow Christ, of course we will have trials and hardships, but His promise is that all things will work together for our good. I believe and testify of that! 

I was reading in Jesus the Chrst the other day, and something caught my attention. I don't remember exactly what it said, but something like this; "Servants of the Lord cannot forget that they are servants, and must be willing to serve and suffer a little bit of what He did". I loved that, and I know that as disciples of Christ, we have to have that disposition.

And I loved President Monson's talk. He spoke one time that I heard, and it was about the Book of Mormon! He said read it and study it daily! Those are words right out of the mouth of Jesus Christ, that goes without explanation. We must read and study it every day, and as we do so we will have more power to overcome our daily struggles, and the wonderful guidance of the spirit...and if we don't, we won't. I hope that we can all take this special message to heart!!

I am always taken back by the "sure" witness of the apostles! I of course don't know for sure what that is, because they don't talk about it, but I feel the spirit very strongly as they testify!

I know this is the church of Christ, and that we have a prophet to lead and guide us, and that as we do the small and simple things constantly, we will become what He needs us to become!

I love this Gospel, and I love my Savior with all my heart!

Have a great week!

Elder Yeoman

I was spoiled on my birthday! So many cakes!!!

Red Ties! We didn't even plan that! LOL! 
Conference Sunday and my Birthday!! 
General Conference Saturday with Elder Sureda and Hernan Lopez
It was Awesome to get an early birthday surprise visit all the
way from Derqui from the Majorana Family on Friday!

My Birthday Cake from the Majoranas!

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