Monday, April 10, 2017

Answers to Prayers

Hello Everyone!! I hope you all had a great week!!

All of you that know me well are thinking that my subject is because Carolina won the National Championship, which I am happy about, but that is not the reason I put that as the subject 😀.

This week was a very good week. My companion and I are working super hard and we found a ton of new investigators this week that we will be working with and helping them to progress to be baptized. I wanted to share a couple experiences I had this week - 

A big miracle that we saw this week was that we were riding bikes in the street on our way to visit someone and we said a prayer to know where we had to go to find a family that was ready to hear the Gospel. We stopped to knock doors, and we found a family that we are now teaching that 2 of the children have baptismal dates, and the parents are going to get married! The mother of the family was about to be baptized 11 years before, but then her family moved and she was unable to continue. Now they are super excited to learn the message of the Gospel and progress towards an eternal family! A couple things caught my attention with this.. the fact that I am way better at recognizing miracles than I was at the start of my mission, the power of prayer, and that the Lord is very conscious of the needs of all of us. This is no coincidence that the mother had listened to the missionaries 11 years ago and was at the point of being baptized, but then moved, and now, 11 years later has another opportunity to hear the Gospel and accept the most important message that she will ever hear in her life!

We continue to work very hard to find new investigators every day! The other day, one of our progressing investigators told us that she did not want us to come back ever again because she was offended that we would not enter into her house without a man being there. She told us she didn't want to keep going with the appointments. That was an interesting experience because it was because of our obedience that she did not want to meet with us anymore. I was out there pulling out my white bible (what missionaries call our book of rules) and everything trying to explain to her why and our rules. But she was already set on her decision. Sadly she is not ready at this time, and she had a big family that we were starting to teach. But it was okay because we did everything and we were obedient. Afterwards, we decided to visit a couple old investigators near her house and we found a young married couple that showed lots of interest, and an old investigator that wants to come back to church! There are always blessings prepared for those that are obedient and strive to do the Lord´s will.

I know that Christ lives, and that every emptiness or pain that we can feel sometimes in our lives can be healed and filled through the power of His atonement, something I am grateful for every single day of my life!

I hope that we can all turn our hearts a little closer to Christ this week, and strive to come to know Him better as we celebrate His resurrection Sunday on Easter! He was lifted on the cross so that He could lift all unto the Father in the last day. I am so grateful for His sacrifice, and the opportunity I have to testify of Him every single day as His representative!

In the hardest days, hardest trials, and hardest times, we can always testify of Christ and feel of His love and peace! 

I love you all! Have a great week and Happy Easter!!

Elder Yeoman

Selfie with Brother Maru from San Pedro and my companion
Elder Sureda!

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