Monday, March 20, 2017

Transfer Week!

Hello Everyone!! 
I hope you all have had a great week!! This week is transfer week, but I'm almost positive that Elder Andrade and I will stay together for his last transfer! It is going to be a good one!! We had a good week. We have a ton of investigators, and little time to teach them so we have been talking a lot about what we can do to improve this so that they can all progress towards baptism! We have been focusing way too much on finding new investigators and we haven't been focusing enough on teaching so that the investigators we have can progress... which is something that is very sad! So just like all things, we learn from our mistakes, repent, and change! So the focus that we have this week will be to teach and help our investigators to progress instead of finding people like crazy! There needs to be a balance in all things! 

Something that I have seen a lot in my mission is the lives of people change, but the difficult process of that taking place! For example, when we have a baptismal date set for the 8th of April, something will always come up on the 7th to make it hard. Or if a couple is set to get married, the adversary will attack even harder so that their family will never be formed! It is something that will always be present in our lives... the opposition of the adversary, who will always be working against what is right and what the Lord wants us to do! When we are in the process of getting better, and coming closer to Christ, the adversary will be working overtime to try and inhibit us from progressing! And we will know it! And when we know it, we can attack even harder by doing what we know is right!

The saddest thing that I see is that some people feel the spirit, know the church is true, know that this is the plan that the Lord has prepared for them, but don't want to fight against the adversary, and they let him win! They don't want to fight for their salvation. They would rather have it easier now and suffer later!

When we know what to do, and how the Lord wants us to live, we must do our very best to power through and do it! If the adversary is working hard, we must work even harder, and we will always come out my Tar Heels (It's March.. I had to­čśë) if we endure to the end, because that is a promise from the Lord!

If you guys feel lots of opposition, that is good! Work against it and you will progress towards eternal life!!

I love you guys a lot! Have a great week!!

Elder Yeoman

The coolest pictures I have ever taken!
My good friend, Elder Dote just finished his mission today!
He will be missed!

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