Monday, March 13, 2017

Everything Testifies of Christ!

Hello Everyone!!

I hope you all are doing well! It is starting to get a little cooler here, not cold at all but a little cooler, getting to fall! Everything is going well here in Zárate! I am loving it out here!

I am focusing a lot of my studies on the Book Jesus the Christ , by James Talmage, and oh my gosh it is incredible!! It is hard for me to put it down! But something that I read this past week that really caught my attention was that everything in life and in this world testifies of Christ! Even the trees, as their leaves fall, and then grow again in spring when Christ was resurrected. There were a lot of examples like that that I when we sleep and wake up every day. It is very interesting to think about, and something that I have been thinking about a lot. Everything is meant to testify of Christ. It is no coincidence that this is how it is!

We found a couple this week that live out in the deep country, pretty far away from where we normally work, but we contacted them and we began to talk about their religious beliefs, and hope, and what they believe about eternal life. Neither of them believed in the possibility of eternal life, and thought that they were never going to be able to see their family members again that had died, that there was nothing after this life. Testifying of the great plan of salvation is something that is so incredibly special. Testifying that Jesus Christ lives and loves us, and has made it possible that we can live eternally with our families is a knowledge so important and life changing! I always am grateful because I have had this knowledge my whole life. But when I put myself in the shoes of someone who does not have this knowledge, that is when I realize how blessed we truly are, and how much I want them to know that the plan of salvation is real! I think that testifying of Jesus Christ and the plan of salvation is something that brings the spirit into our lives more than almost anything else! This time I have had to serve and testify of our Savior has brought the spirit more fully into my life, and has changed my life forever!  

I don't take enough time to tell you all how much I appreciate all your support and love, and for everything you guys do for my family and I!

I hope you all have a great week!!

Cuídense 😀

Elder Yeoman

At Hernan's Wedding 
Ice cream shop today celebrating Elder Twitchell's bday and last Pday
for Elder Dote! He will be missed!
I found Brock on a billboard here playing the guitar! Y'all didn't tell me
he had made it international already!

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