Monday, November 28, 2016


Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! The other Elders in the office and I all went over to the Anderson's for Thanksgiving lunch..Well, it was really good but there is no Turkey here in Argentina..and I never noticed that but it's true. Hard to have a Thanksgiving lunch without Turkey but I'd say that Sister Anderson did a really good job with the limited resources found here, haha! So that was fun!

Other than that, we have started working with the family of our ward mission leader, who are not members and usually reject the missionaries terribly. But this week we went by and we started teaching them and a couple of them accepted baptismal dates!  So we will be working with them!! Other than that my week was a little slow because I caught pneumonia. So, I have been resting and trying to recover from that, but I am feeling a lot better! So hopefully I will get back out working tonight or tomorrow!! 

While I was resting I have been listening to the Book of Mormon..I actually listened to the whole book of Alma in one day, so I was pretty happy about that! I learned a lot from the examples of the great missionaries in Alma, and how their only desires were to serve the Lord and help others come unto Christ! They were men who truly felt the love of Christ for all, and who wanted all to know the wonderful blessings of the Atonement and Plan of Happiness that are only found in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ!

One thing that I truly love about Christmas, that I have come to understand a whole lot better these past 2 Christmas seasons is the love that the Savior has for us, and the perfect example of service and charity that He was. I hope you all have seen the new LIGHTtheWORLD video! It is great, and we can all help someone in small ways, but we never know how much it will be cherished! I hope that we can all be a little more charitable this Christmas season, so that we can help those that truly need it!! 

Jesus Christ lives! And everyone needs to know it! And He has provided for us all that we need to be successful, happy, and return to live with Heavenly Father!

I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Yeoman

Thanksgiving lunch with the Andersons
Thanksgiving selfie
It's not Turkey, but it was good!
Elder Sagripanti and me 

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