Monday, December 5, 2016

Buen Dia!!

Hello everyone! Hope all is well! This week was a good one down here in Argentina! It is getting really hot. I am starting to remember how hot it really gets down here being outside all day! But this year I have air conditioning so it isn't as extreme, but I am still glad I got the experience without it last year haha! I am feeling pretty much back to normal from the pneumonia, so thanks so much for all your prayers. They helped me a lot! People say that you never forget Christmas in your mission, and that is very true! I will never forget last Christmas, or this one tampoco! There is a special feeling being a missionary of the Lord every day, but even more during this time of year! It is incredible!

Here in our mission there is a thing called “Pension of the week” that the Andersons do that goes out to the companionship that has the cleanest pension every week, and mom you might be surprised but we won! Haha! I'm still not a big fan of the dishes but I have been working hard to keep a nice place that the spirit can always reside in J

One of our investigators, Andrea, is progressing really well and should be getting baptized either this week or the next! She could get baptized this week but we feel that another week would do a lot of good, so we are working towards that! She is a single mom of 3 really young kids, and is super humble and really wants to follow Christ. One of the coolest experiences is teaching someone that you can feel really just wants to follow Christ, and has desires to do all that is asked of them to change and follow Him, and that is what it is all about! We are also teaching a couple other people in her family, but they are struggling getting started and coming to church. Other than them, we have found a lot of possibilities that we will continue to be working with, but the main person to talk about would be Andrea.

I watched the Christmas Devotional this morning and something really caught my attention that one of the speakers said, but I can't remember which one it was. He said that the Christmas season isn't just to remember Christ's birth, but also the type of person He was. That made me think a lot about the person He was, and also about the “Light the World” program that the church has put out for this month. It helps us understand who He was, what He did, and the grand example that He is for all! As we do these little things every day, like little acts of service, or read the scriptures, or seeing the good in people, giving compliments, we will become more like the Savior, and understand more WHO He was. I am so grateful for my Savior, and the great example He is for me, of charity, service and love to all. No matter their situation or circumstance, He always saw the good in everyone and always lifted people up. 

I hope that all of you have watched this video of Christmas and are trying to do these things every day to be more like the Savior, and truly light the world! You are all lights in this world, and everybody needs your light!! 

I know that this church is true, and that Christ has given us absolutely everything we need to be successful and light the world! We have so much to be grateful for!

I love you all! Have a great week!! Let me know if any of you need anything! Thanks for all ya'll do!

Elder Yeoman
Elder Lyon and I won "Pension of the Week"
More pictures of our clean pension!
After being sick for a week, I came back to my computer to find this!!!😝
They got me good!! 
Elder Lyon and I in our Sunday best!!

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