Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Cristo La Roca


I hope you all had a fantastic week and enjoyed conference this weekend. It was incredible! I mean when we really think about what conference is, words that come straight from Heavenly Father, we can come to realize the true importance and how lucky we are!!  I for one, have been extremely humbled about the Atonement and what Christ has done for me. I am so incredibly grateful for His atoning sacrifice and what it means in my life, and the eternal significance that it has for all of us!! 

This week I wanted to talk about some things that really caught my attention this past weekend! One was the fact that my mission has had a huge focus on the Book of Mormon, and the importance we have to flood the earth with the BoM! And there were about 4 or 5 talks that talked a lot about the Book of Mormon. Gary E. Stevenson gave an awesome talk on this. "As we look to the Book of Mormon, we look to the Lord." I love that quote, and I truly believe that, there is so much guidance in that book that comes straight from the Lord. Its like the short story of the people that asked for help from God and 5 ships came but they were waiting on something specific, then they got to judgement day and they asked God why he didnt help them and He said that he sent 5 boats. We may feel the same way, but He sent us the Book of Mormon so chances are that we are overlooking it! Every single word in that Book has eternal significance that was written for our day in the "wise purposes of the Lord". And it is all applicable to us and our everyday lives! "The keystone of our center of strength needs to be the BoM." The BoM as a keystone is so important, as it should be the keystone of our daily lives as well!

Another thing that really called my attention was the importance of sincere prayer. Now, this was not talked about a ton but it hit me everytime, so I have been thinking about that a lot! Sincere prayer requires a lot more than getting on our knees and starting to talk, and we need to prepare ourselves to pray! I have seen a huge difference between when I pray sincerely and when i just pray, and it shows a lot! Then I thought about an SYC challenge we had in High School that we only gave thanks in our prayers for one whole month! I remember that being a little tough for me, and I know I need to do that again, so I will be doing that again and I invite you all to do it along with me! Or who knows, maybe that is already the challenge for the SYC this month haha! But as we pray sincerely, we will always be more in tune with the will of God, and as we pray in according to the will of God, we will receive a lot more blessings. 

The talk by Russell M Nelson said "To get through our hardest trials, we must focus on the joy! We can suffer with joy in Christ." This is awesome, because we are here to have joy..we will never have a trial that we cant come out with joy after, but that depends a lot in our attitude, and where our joy comes from! If our joy comes from our faith and love of Christ, we will always have it, because that is something Eternal! And this joy is a gift from the Savior, for our obedience and willingness to follow him! Elder D. Todd Christofferson said that this love that Heavenly Father has for us is infinite, but His love has a lot to do with how we respond to his love! If we abide in His love, we can receive the grace of God through the teachings of Jesus Christ! With a focus on the plan of Salvation and the doctrine of Christ we are able to always have this joy! So lets do it!!

Something that M. Russell Ballard said also that I loved was "Sometimes we can learn, study, and know, but other times we have to trust, have faith, and hold on." I love this quote, because sometimes it is like this! Sometimes we may be super good and super high in our testimony and faith, and sometimes we have our lows, but the most important thing is that we are trying, and making the effort to hang on! We can hang on or we can fall, but if we really think about it there is only one option that actually works, so the decision we need to take isnt a hard one, but requires a lot sometimes!

Lastly, they talked a lot about the conversion of Alma the Younger, like at least 4 apostles said something about it. repentance is essential to the path of conversion! This was so key for many prophets in the Book of Mormon and for many people today! Conversion is the greatest thing that could happen in the life of any person, including my own life!

I know that this church is true, that Jesus is the Christ, and that through Him we may have eternal life! I love you all and thank you all for all you do for me!

P.S I'm in the offices now so any letters that come, I get them right when they get here, hint hint wink wink haha! I love you all!!!

Elder Yeoman

This was transfer week, so we didn’t hear from Elder Yeoman until yesterday. He was super busy organizing/coordinating transfers and getting all of the missionaries where they needed to be. It sounded like a crazy day. He said the Buenos Aires MTC was closed, so they had 5 different groups of elders and hermanas coming from five different places at five different times. They also opened 3 new areas this transfer and he was busy making sure each area had everything they needed. He also said that he is enjoying driving again. His first experience driving a stick shift was an hour drive from Derqui to San Fernando! He said it was a little crazy, but he survived!!  
The Anderson's (my favorite couple) and my new comp Elder Lyon
The Office Elders!
My new comp, Elder Lyon

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