Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Me Quedo en Boulogne!!

Hello everyone! I hope you all have had an awesome week!! This was a great week, but we did have some changes here! Elder Jenkins got transferred, so I stayed in Boulogne with Elder Phair from Arizona! I met Elder Phair a while ago, so we already knew each other and it's going to be awesome! He's a great Elder and we are going to work well together!

I was thinking a lot about the past 2 transfers..opening up an area and seeing every single day the help of the Lord for my companion and I. From getting here together in this ward and not knowing anything, to being able to see the new excitement in all the members has been something very special for me.

I know that the Lord is always there to help us, He is there ready to pour out his blessings upon us..we just have to strive to improve and to obey the commandments! Obeying the commandments brings so much joy and blessings. I have learned a lot on my mission of the power and importance of being obedient! We cannot be blessed without first being obedient, and that is a law in Heaven. You think that Heavenly Father isn't rooting for us to be obedient so that we can receive His blessings? Well, he is! And in the wise words of my boy, Elder Fischer.."Its true, I checked."

Thank you all for all of your prayers and support, I am beyond blessed to have you all as family and friends..It's probably not even fair for other missionaries but it is what it is ;). You guys are the best! 

Que Tengan una buena semana!!!!!!!!

Les amo!

Elder Yeoman

Elder Jenkins, Elder Duffy and Elder Yeoman on transfer day
Elder Jenkins and Elder Yeoman on transfer day
We Dem Boys!! SWHS Basketball t-shirt this year. Jace got one in
his birthday package!
Elder Yeoman and his new companion from Arizona, Elder Phair

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