Monday, April 11, 2016

Aguante Boulogne! Yanqui y Gringo back again!

Hope you all had an awesome week! 

This week was great! I don't have a whole lot new to tell you guys, but we did have a good week of work and found more people to teach and progress towards baptism.

Since it is so late in Argentina when the Priesthood session of conference airs, I was just now able to watch it this morning with the Zone..Wow, it was amazing! I really enjoyed the focus in always being prepared to help others with the Priesthood that we have.

I have been reading the New Testament, and I just finished Matthew. I love learning about the life of the Savior, and there is so much to learn through His example. Something that stood out to me is that when people came up to Christ to ask for miracles..He asks "Do you think I can cure you?" There is an important aspect of faith that we must show in order to be able to receive blessings and miracles. 

Christ is always ready to give us anything and everything we need. We just have to put in our part. 

Sorry I don't have much time today..It's time to get out and work! I will write more next week! But I love you all and hope you all have a great week! Transfers are on Monday, so I will talk to you on Tuesday!

Elder Yeoman
New Basketball Jersey (Manu Ginobili is from Argentina and plays for the San Antonio Spurs)
Puente De La Mujer (“Bridge of the Woman”, a famous rotating bridge in Buenos Aires)

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