Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Week One

Hey Everyone! I'm not sure how this is going to work in regards to forwarding and stuff but these are the people I have so far.  If anyone else wants to get my email, Mom can you get them on a forwarding list and forward them for me?

Gosh I have no idea where to start, this week has been amazing. I'm sorry if I accidentally say a Spanish word, my Spanglish is pretty funny! haha :).  So the first day was kind of just a get to know whats going on kind of thing, which was good and I am still learning how exactly everything works here, but it takes time! My teachers are soooo cool, Hermano Magallanes y Hermano Weeks! They both are just incredible.  The Spirit is so strong here and I love it! My Spanish isn't great yet but it is coming along. I am so much more comfortable now as I taught my 3rd leccion in espanol.  Our investigadora is actually a teacher, but I can still feel the love and Spirit as my companero and I teach.  So my district is the absolute best! Our branch presidency said that we are the closest district he has ever had, and I feel like I have known them forever! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

So Thursday night we had the Branch Presidency come interview all of us and talk to us about expectations and such. That night, they assigned me as District Leader. I am so humbled and blessed to be able to serve, lift, and inspire such an amazing district, my other 9 brothers! There are
10 missionaries in my districto counting me and its just amazing to be able to work with them. My companion is the man! One of the most humble and nicest guys ever, he definitely keeps me in check :).  

MTC (CCM) District 
I was reading in 1st Nephi because we were challenged to finish the book of mormon while we are in the CCM.  Entonces, when Nephi desires to see the things of his father.  The Lord says he will grant it unto him becasue of his faith and diligence. I related that to learning Spanish. If we just plan, prepare, and go in with the Spirit the Lord will help us speak the language and help our Investigators feel the Spirit as well. 

Last night, we had a devotional with Russell M. Nelson! Gosh i cant even begin to describe it. It was muy poder and the Spirit was radiating.  Afterwards, we had a district discussion about it with my Branch President, and they asked me to lead the discussion on the spot.  But I was so thankful I had that opportunity!

Mom, I have gained 10 pounds I think haha..gosh so much chocolate milk! And nobody in the whole CCM can guard me..there is 2700 misioneros and no one can guard me! They don't let me dunk though haha, which is sad.  Also, the gym is closed for 2 weeks so I can't play basketball! So i have to play something called soccer, not too sure about that haha!

Well I love you all and I love this Gospel, this Work, and the opportunity to share it with those in Argentina.If you all press forward in faith, diligence, and obedience the Lord will take care of the Rest! I know this Church is true, I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God, and I just love being a missionary. I can't put the Book of Mormon down, it is my new 24 ;) hahaha!

"Obedience Brings blessings, perfect obedience brings miracles"

I testify that this is true, and I can rely on the Lord for strength through anything!

Have a wonderful week!

Elder Yeoman

Provo Temple

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