Monday, June 5, 2017

Trying to be like Jesus

Hello Everyone!

This past week was very special for me! We had zone interviews with President on Friday. I sat down and he said "Well Elder, you've got one more transfer." I kind of just smiled and he said "I want you to pray to the Lord and figure out what He wants you to accomplish in these last 6 weeks of your mission." We then had a great conversation and I told him I would do it!

I began to pray, and fast as well about this topic, and in my studies I began to realize what it is that the Lord needs me to do in my last transfer! I had a strong feeling that it has to do with charity, something that I have tried really hard to improve my whole mission. Right now, I have lots of opportunities in the zone to serve because we have lots of missionaries going through hard times with health and discouragement, and I know that the Lord needs me here to comfort them and to be able to exercise my priesthood on their behalf.

But not only the missionaries in my zone, He needs me to love everyone!! Every single person I talk to in the street, see, or come in contact with. Everything that I have learned on my mission, every step towards Christ that I have made, all has lead up to how I am going to serve and love my last transfer!

I know that Christ lives, and that He loves us and that as a representative of Christ, He needs others to be able to feel at least a little bit of Christ like love through me!! I am so incredibly grateful to be able to serve the Lord, and for the time that I have left to be able to do so! 

I love you all a whole lot! Thanks for everything that you all do for me!

Have a great week!

Elder Yeoman

Basketball and making Tacos for Zone Pday!

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