Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Transfer Week!

Elder Yeoman didn’t have much time to write his general email today, so I will share some of our letter that gives a little more detail. This was transfers week and that is why he is emailing today! He is excited to be training a new missionary again this transfer and said he would be picking up his “hijo” from the mission office this afternoon around 3:00.  He was also very excited to be staying in Derqui. That means he may even get to stay for another transfer after this one since training lasts 12 weeks. They will be moving to another pension on Friday since the pension they have been living in is not in very good condition. Elder Yeoman was also excited about a baptism that he has coming up on Sunday. Here is an excerpt from his email to us:

"We have been teaching a family that a few of them are baptized and a few aren’t.  The mom will be baptized this Sunday, and you can just feel her longing and desire to have an eternal family and be sealed in the temple with all of her kids and her husband.  I want it so bad for them, knowing that the reason I do what I do and do my best every single day is because I love the Lord and want my family to be eternal! Trying to express that to them has been such a blessing!”

This sweet lady sent me a picture and message yesterday to tell me how grateful she is for Elder Yeoman and how excited she is to be baptized on Sunday. I will include the photo below.

Elder Yeoman's Email:
Hey guys!! Hope you all are well!!

I'm sorry but I don't have much time today! Just a quick thought!

I was studying on how to truly be a disciple of Christ! We have to be willing and ready to give or drop everything to follow him. Like when the disciples dropped their fishing nets to follow Jesus Christ! The most important thing we can do is follow our Savior in all things, at all times, no matter what! 

I know that He lives and loves you all, and that through these simple things we will truly find happiness!

I love you all! 

Elder Yeoman

Elder Yeoman and Elder Thompson riding their bikes in Derqui!
This is what happens when you let your companion cut your hair!
Good thing it grows very fast!
Eating at the home of the Majorana's! They are soooo good to these elders!
The sweet Hermana Arzamendia who will be baptized on Sunday!
Elder Yeoman and his companion (until today), Elder Thompson
Hermana Majorana (Elder Yeoman's mother away
from home) We love her!!

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