Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Transfers and Training

Hi Everyone, (This is Alana)
Today was transfer day for Elder Yeoman and he was very short on time. He is doing GREAT and wanted me to let you know that he is sorry that he didn’t have time for a general email this week, but will have more time for an update next week. He is super excited that they had 9 new missionaries coming in to the mission today since there have been very few new missionaries called to the Buenos Aires North Mission at all this past year! Elder Yeoman will be training one of the new elders and was very excited to find out who his new “hijo” would be later today. Elder Yeoman said that all nine of the trainers were going to be hiding when the new missionaries walked in and then they planned to all come into the room as they sing “Llamados a Sevir” (Called to Serve).  That gives me chills to imagine.  I wish I could have been there to witness it. Elder Yeoman was also super excited that he will be staying in Derqui to train. He loves the ward members so much. Although, they will be moving to a pension that is in better condition on August 1st.

Elder Yeoman with some of the other elders who have served in Derqui
(this morning at transfers)

Elder Saez all packed up and ready for transfers! Elder Yeoman will miss him.
(Not sure why the room looks like a tornado went through) 
Elder Kelly finished his mission and went home today! Elder Yeoman says that
he is one of his best friends in the world! They look forward to hanging out
together at BYU next year!
Hermana Majorana sent me this picture of the Derqui Elders with her husband and son.
Hermana Molina sent me this picture taken at her home on Sunday.

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