Monday, March 14, 2016

Que te pasa?

Como estan???

Well, nothing crazy happened this week, or anything really new to share! We had a pretty normal week of work, helping our investigators progress and change their lives! We did not really find anyone new this week, which is a bummer but we are still out finding! 

Our Stake President invited my comp and I over to his house Friday night, and it was really weird because his house felt like my house in the United States, like a regular house in the US! He is awesome, and is really trying to put an emphasis on missionary work in the Stake, so that the members and missionaries are working more as one! 

I started thinking about the importance of having missionary work as an emphasis at all times, not just as a missionary. We have the opportunity and responsibility of helping the work and glory of the Lord, which is the Salvation of ALL mankind. This is an effort of everyone. Everyone is in this together. To think about the importance of Salvation in the lives of everyone on this Earth, we can start to realize the importance of missionary work throughout our being the work of Salvation. We also know that the only way for this work to have success is if the missionaries and members work together in unity. 

We had a Noche de Hogar with the Stake President as well, and we were talking a little bit about the Plan of Salvation, how Heavenly Father has a distinct plan for every single one of his children. He talked about parents, and how when a child comes to a parent with a problem or a question..that a parent will do whatever they can to help their child. I thought about my parents, and how they would do anything to help me or my siblings get through a problem or struggle that we are having. Well, I think my parents are perfect, but they aren't. So, think about parents who are imperfect and want the absolute best for their kids and are just trying to answer their questions and fix their problems. How much more would a Heavenly Father, being perfect, want to help us and answer our questions and fix our problems? That made me think a lot about my faith and trust in the Lord to know that my prayers will be answered. He is literally my Heavenly Father and wants the best for me just as my earthly father, but in a perfect way. 

I hope that all are excited for General Conference!! I'm so pumped and blessed to be able to hear from the Prophet and Apostles..who are called of God to speak in His name! Those words are the Lord's words! 

I love you all, and hope that all have a great week! Thanks for all of the support and prayers! They are felt every day :)

Elder Yeoman

*Ya'll still cant guard me! :)
Missionary Packages Argentina delivered a basketball
and a package from home to Elder Yeoman. They
sent me these pictures!
Elder Yeoman and Elder Jenkins
at a church member's home on Sunday.

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