Monday, September 21, 2015

Semana 2 en Argentina (Week 8)

Hola Everyone!

Man this week was very difficult, but I learned a lot! So, it seemed like every single teaching appointment fell through, nobody was ever home, and we walked 10,000 miles every day haha. Well, it happens sometimes! The best thing to do, I learned, is to keep a good attitude. That is hard to do sometimes, but is something I am really working on! I am starting to get used to how things work here, and finding my way around our area (sorta). Wednesday I went to the "Villa" which is the ghetto!!  I went on an exchange with Elder Bonifacio, from Peru. He is the man, but doesn't know English, so that was fun! But oh my gosh, I can´t even describe that place to you all.  It is like something in a movie, like loud Spanish music, people running around everywhere, people selling stuff, the pathways are super narrow! Gosh, it was really cool! I didn’t even feel unsafe though, which is good! I know I am protected. So another hard thing that happened was we had to drop an investigator who had his baptism date for the 26th!! Gosh, sooo close! That was really hard for me because I am not used to that.  It was the first time that happened. So we only have one progressing investigator now, and we haven't heard from her in a few days, and she didnt go to church. So, not quite sure how that will work out. We are praying hard though! My companion is super super hard on me! Which is good, but hard sometimes too. I know it is what the Lord sees fit for me though, so I can't complain! We work really hard though. From 6:30am-10:30pm we are working!! Overall, I learned a lot this week and my Spanish is improving slowly but surely.  I definitely need to speak more of it! I am so grateful for this opportunity and for the privilege of being a servant of the Lord. There is nothing better that I could be doing right now, and I feel the love and comfort of the Lord in my life every single day! Through Him, and through submitting to His will, we can all reach our full potential. So, pray, study your scriptures, follow the commandments and stay close to the Lord! Oh, and feed the missionaries! They love food ;). Te amo mucho!! Thank you all for the love and support! I feel it more and more every day! 
 Elder Yeoman
 Jace apologized for not having pictures of himself to send this week.  He doesn't have a lot of opportunity to take pictures since they aren't allowed to take their cameras out on the streets with them when they are working (in order to avoid looking like tourists.) He promised to get a picture of himself to send next week.

He wants to assure his mother that he is eating plenty besides the huge lunch that they are fed by the church members everyday! He at least knows how to make Top Ramen! Whatever is on that bread looks really yummy! This is his snack that he usually makes at night after they finish their planning for the next day.

This is a picture of one of his bedroom walls in Buenos Aires. He said that his family is the reason he is where he is, Christ is who made it all possible and the Salt Lake City Temple is where Richard and I were married!

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