Monday, September 14, 2015

Semana 1 in Argentina (Week 7)

Wow I don't know where to start haha! Well, I am really unsure what is going on most of the time but it's all good, I will learn! So I got here and we went on a tour in the main part of the City, it was really cool! I will attach some pictures! It has been hard with the language barrier and culture shock but I love the members in my area! They are so nice and loving towards me! I feel like I already have a family here, even though I have no idea what they are saying to me most of the time. I just smile and say ¨Si¨ hahaha! I get a lot of ¨Muy alto"(very tall) haha. So in my area, Parque Patricios, most of the people are from basicamente I am not learning much about Argentine culture haha. But, it is okay because I am still learning to understand and talk more, so it comes with time. They do, however, talk like Argentines so they have that weird sh sound for y and ll. It is taking some getting used to and a lot of people laughing at me but its all good! Then I just go off in English and make fun of them and see how they like it..nah, I'm just kidding haha! But it is awesome here, gosh the food is so good! It is weird though because the only meal we actually eat is Almuerzo (lunch), but geez they dont mess around haha. Food to feed an army!! But for some reason, I struggle getting full. It is probably because I am out walking around all day, so I am always hungry. But I am definitely eating a lot. It is cool because here it is like a treat to be able to feed the missionaries haha, I love it! So the first day of actual work (my second day) it was raining like crazy and literally 40 degrees, so that was hard. But, it only gets better from there! haha. The first day we went out I'm not gonna lie, I thought every single person I passed was going to rob me, haha. But now I just put my Jace walk on and no one is messing with me, haha! Just kidding, I know I am protected though. So the big thing here in the mission is working with members, so we always have to have a member present in lessons.It is pretty cool. We go drag people out of their houses to work with us, haha. We walk A TON!!!! But sometimes we take the bus, actually a lot, but mostly walking. Dad, you were right, buses in South America are crazy haha. Those things get packed! So we have 2 investgators progressing for baptism, they are both pretty solid (From what i understand) haha. Oh, another thing in the mission is all our investigators have to go to church 3 times before they are baptized. Which is hard sometimes, but it makes a lot of sense. My companion is a workaholic and works me to death, but I prefer it that way. I am learning so much from him! He has been out a year, and is our district leader. So Saturday, one of the 2 biggest clubs teams in Argentina had a game, and we live like 15 minutes away (Walking distance) from where they were playing. Oh my gosh, that was insane!! And then Sunday, the 2 biggest equipos played. Boca and River! So basically, no one was on the street haha! Boca won and that is the club I have picked as my favorite! Except I can't say that around here because we are closer to River! Well I love you all! Look to the Savior for anything and everything and a way will always be provided! Any problem, trial, difficulty has already been taken care of, just have faith that through Him you will overcome everything! I know that the Savior lives, and loves everyone! Talk to you all next week! Pictures coming shortly! Thank you all for the love and prayers. I can always feel it. Also, everyone tell my mom I love her ;).

P.S I have entered a new country and STILL no one can guard me haha!

Elder Yeoman

Here is an added note from Elder Yeoman;

Oh, and President Ayre is literally the Man!! I love him and he is an awesome mission president. Im so sad I only have him for 10 months. But it was cool talking to him about the Barkers haha! And Sister Ayre makes me feel like I am at home. She is just like Sister Barker! 

Elder Yeoman and his companion Elder Avalos
The Beautiful City of  Buenos Aires 
The Church Building Elder Yeoman will be attending in Parque Patricios
Elder Yeoman's bedroom in the Parque Patricios Apartment
The Bathroom.... looks a little different than what we are used to!

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